Stocks and Shares ISAs

A Stocks and Shares ISA is a tax-efficient investment that allows you to put money into a range of different investments, with no capital gains tax or income tax obligations. These include equities and fixed interest investments, such as corporate and government bonds, in order to provide the potential for attractive returns.

Investing in a Stocks and Shares ISA

At McMillan Wealth Consultants, we have access to the expertise of some of the world’s top investment professionals to manage the St. James’s Place investment ISA funds. We will work with you to create a well-diversified and balanced portfolio, as well as an appropriate strategy aiming for income or capital growth that is reflective of the risks you are willing to take.

An individual can invest up to £20,000 in total into a Stocks and Shares ISA in the 2023/2024 tax year. Investments can be made as either a lump sum, regular contribution or a combination of both. Whether you are looking to invest for income or growth, we can provide the appropriate advice and a comprehensive range of investment solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. Through regular reviews, we can rebalance your portfolio based on your changing needs and current market conditions.

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The value of an investment with St. James’s Place will be directly linked to the performance of the funds selected and the value may fall as well as rise. You may get back less than the amount invested.

An investment in a stocks and shares ISA does not provide the security capital associated with a deposit account or an investment in a cash ISA.

The favourable tax treatment given to ISAs may not be maintained in the future as they are subject to changes in legislation.

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