Exit Strategy* Planning

You may have put a lifetime of hard work into building your business, but have you ever considered how you will properly exit from it?

Some business owners neglect to think about the need for an exit strategy to ensure they can still enjoy the rewards of their hard work and commitment over the years. Sound management and planning will add value to your business and allow you to quickly put your exit strategy in place when the time is right.

We can advise you on the stages involved in planning a business exit and help devise suitable solutions that consider the long-term of your business to work best for you, your shareholders and investors. For example:

  • Reviewing your profit and tax liability strategies to help maximise your business’ value
  • Ensuring accounts are in order and up to date to reflect a true picture of the business
  • Expanding your customers and suppliers to mitigate risk and maximise business value
  • Considering ways engaging key customers, suppliers and employees into long-term contracts
  • Maximising relief for Capital Gains Tax

If you would like to speak to an expert about devising a sound company exit strategy*, get in touch with our team today.

The levels and bases of taxation and reliefs from taxation can change at any time and are dependent on individual circumstances.

*Please note that advice with regard to exit strategy planning may involve the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place and McMillan Wealth Consultants Limited.



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